Apply to UK Postgraduate (Masters) University Courses

Before you start make sure you have the following information to hand.

Bachelor Degree and Transcripts with Translations if you have not completed you Bachelor Degree yet but you are studying the final year you can apply for a master showing your results up until last completed year of your current course.

2 Academic Recommendations from Professors who must recommend you for Postgraduate Studies. These Reference Letters must be on Letter Headed Paper from the place where the Professor works and it must confirm that He/she has taught you and that He/she can recommend you for Postgraduate Studies. It must also be signed by the teacher and have His/her contact details (email)

Personal Statement or Motivation Letter minimum 300 works where you will be expected to give a short introduction about yourself, to comment in your academic achievements and Work Experience until now, to explain why you wish to study the course you have selected and finally comment on what are your plans after completing this course.

Group of casual students talking and looking very happy


Valid Passport


Home Address

Phone Number

Start your application today

Please follow the following steps

Step 1 :

Select Apply and Register

Step 2 :

Select Apply and Log In, Complete Postgraduate application form.

Step 3 :

Submit and Pay for your application with Pay Pal. You will be asked to pay a minimum of £25 to a maximum or £85 depending in your choice of Universities and Programs.

Step 4 :

You will receive an email confirming that we have received your application.

Step 5 :

We will confirm within 48 hours if we can proceed with your application after assessing the documents you have provided. In most cases we are able to proceed with applications but sometimes is necessary to request extra documents or to explain that the course selected is not available for international students for example Part Time Courses or Some Nursing Courses in which case we can suggest alternative courses. If your selected course is not available because is not running, is too late to apply, or your academic background/qualifications do not allow you to apply for this course we will suggest alternative options or routes you should take to achieve your goal. If you decide to dismiss our advice you will be given the option to withdraw your application in which case no refund will be due as any payment you have sent us will be taken as payment for the advice provided. Alternatively you may ask us to submit your application for the courses you originally selected and we will go ahead with your application which may result in you being rejected by the institutions you have selected.

Step 6 :

You can expect to receive replies within one month of the date we have notified you that your application was submitted.

Step 7 :

Once you have received replies for all your choices (Maximum 3).

Step 8 :

Meeting the conditions of your offers. British Universities issue 2 kind of offers Conditional or Unconditional. A Conditional offer is one that has Academic Conditions attached to it for example you must achieve a certain grade in your Bachelor Degree, or that you must achieve a certain level of English to take up your place. We will keep you informed of the deadlines to submit this information. Once the conditions are met your Offer will become Unconditional.

Step 9 :

Paying your University fees. You will pay these directly to your chosen University. Most universities request a Deposit to secure your place one your offer becomes Unconditional. You may pay the rest of the fees on arrival and according to the Universities terms and conditions. EU Students are usually eligible for Student Loans in UK we will provide more information to relevant EU applicants.

Step 10 :

Make accommodation arrangements. We can assist you in selecting your accommodation one you paid your deposit to the University.

NOTE: If you do not have the documents to hand or are not ready to apply yet you can send us a FREE Enquiry by completing our UK University Enquiry form and we will aim to reply to you within 48 Hours


Work and Study Courses in UK

We offer and deliver a range of work and study programs through our sister company Eurotraining Centres Limited.

Why Study & Work In Bournemouth

It’s one of the UK’s favourite seaside destinations attracting over 4 million visitors a year. Local hotels are always on the look-out for enthusiastic staff with a serious work ethic and a good level of English. We provide an ideal environment to help you achieve these goals.

Bournemouth is currently one of the fastest growing towns in the UK with this development being driven by tourism and new business, with particular growth in both hospitality and Digital Marketing sectors. Surprisingly, Bournemouth has more hotels per capita than London and receives around 4 million visitors each year. Bournemouth’s digital scene is booming and the town is emerging as the industry’s runaway success story – it has become the UK’s fastest-growing city in the digital economy!



Our strength lies in our experienced, dedicated trainers who provide a great learning environment. The course takes place at the Eurostay Bournemouth Beach Hotel, a delightfully presented, centrally located, town house hotel.



Our selected hotel is a perfect place to learn and develop new skills in a ‘real’ working environment. Students can gain professional experience from industry experts, and prepare for their first experience of working in the UK.



Students choose our centre not just because of the quality of the lessons, but also to meet and share great experiences with like-minded people hailing from all over the world.

Contact one of our team today and book your place on one of our courses

Why Study & Work In Bournemouth

The Eurostay Bournemouth Beach Hotel is ideally situated for both business and leisure visitors. Only a few minutes walk to the Bournemouth International Centre, the Pavilion Theatre and beaches offering the perfect setting for on-site training.


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