Angela, Spain

Ready for Work Case Study Angela Gimenez Bru


Hello, my name is Angela and 27 years old from Spain. My background is Sales and Marketing and I worked as an Event Planner for 3 years in hotels, it included reception work and entertainment coordination. I came to British Study Centres to undertake a general English course. At the time I wanted to work in a hotel in Bournemouth and during my studies I became aware of the Ready for Work Programme so I transferred to the programme. I hoped that it would prepare me for work here and help me find a job. I was worried about my level so my expectations were that the programme would improve my English. I think it’s a good programme and the highlights for me was Simon (our vocational trainer) teaching us how to take an order, serve, clean tables and British characteristics. The most useful topic learnt in the training was how to speak in each situation and the most important thing is to smile, be friendly and work hard. My placement is in The Cumberland Hotel where I will be based in the Reception and House Keeping Departments. My aim is to be more confident in and English environment and my long term plan is to keep working there. I love Bournemouth. It is an amazing city with lots of opportunities for free time, work and getting to know British people.

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