Hi! My name is Davide and I’m 20 years old and am from Italy. Before coming to the UK to undertake the Ready for Work programme I worked in a Bookmakers Agency.

I wanted to do the programme because I wanted to try a working experience abroad and also to improve my English! I also hoped to find a good environment to work in and to find a great job so I could live in England for as long as possible. Before I came to the UK I was thinking about all the people I would meet, and I was also excited to challenge myself.

I chose the host family accommodation and I think I’ve been lucky with my family. They’re always kind and ready to help me. Their house is clean and my room is nice and comfortable. I have all I need. With a host family you’re always in touch with a native speaker and that’s fantastic to improve your English. Also because they know the place you’re living, they can help you. What do I think of the vocational training sessions? Well, they are really interesting and I found them really useful because they show how to behave in a practical situation in a hospitality environment.

The most useful thing I learnt was when the teacher explained this to us. My placement is in the Urban Reef restaurant in Boscombe, on the sea-front. I had an interview this week which went very well and I will be starting work there as a waiter next week! I have an induction on Friday where I will meet my new colleagues. My duties will be taking orders, serving customers and operating the till. This will all be exciting as I’ll be using all the English I learnt and the skills from my vocational training. My hopes for the future will be to work abroad and live in another country which is not Italy. Bournemouth is one of the most beautiful cities/towns I’ve ever been. It’s a really clean city and the transport service works perfectly

Davide, Italy

20 years old

Previous experience:
6 month study and working in hospitality in Australia.

Waiter in Urban Reef beach front restaurant.


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