Eleonora, Italy

Ready for Work Case Study Eleonora Perniola


My name is Eleonora Perniola and I’m 23 years old and from Italy. I worked for 3 years as a receptionist in a hotel and I chose this programme because I think it’s the perfect combination between studying English and improving my language skills and also having an international work experience abroad. My expectations for the Ready for Work programme were to live in England with a ‘full immersion’ experience, speaking English, to be in contact with the English culture and the main purpose was to apply my technical skills in my job abroad. I thought that the school could be very helpful in preparing me to work because I could settle in the city before working and I could practise my English and learn useful vocabularies. My accommodation is in a host family, I chose this accommodation because it was a less expensive option and it was the best way to practise the language in my everyday routine. I was interesting also to taste the local food. My room has all the comforts and the family provides me all my needs. My impression of the Ready for Work programme is that it’s a great opportunity which could help students to improve language skills and to have a personal growth living on their own abroad (helped by the school and the teachers who guide you). The highlights of the vocational training are the improvements about the technical skills, presentations, how to act with the guests at work and a simulation of a day at work. I think the most useful vocational training topics are focusing on vocabularies in hospitality, presentations, tasting all the foods (just to know what people are ordering) and be prepared for everyday situations. My placement is at the Cumberland Hotel, a very modern hotel on the East Cliff (an area close to the centre of Bournemouth on the Cliff east of the pier). I will work in all the departments during the first two weeks of the internship and then they will define my role in the hotel after, if my interview for paid work is successful. I think it will be useful to work in all the departments and to experience all the facilities the hotel offers. I hope this opportunity will have a positive effect. I will definitely recommend this experience even if my aim is to continue working at the hotel. Our vocational trainer is very professional and I’m happy about his lessons. I love Bournemouth, it’s a calm town and its well connected with all the buses. It’s a very nice place for students because there is everything a student needs. I have really fallen in love with this city!

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