Miriam, Switzerland

Ready for Work Case Study Miriam Bourgeois


Hello! My name is Miriam, I’m 21 and I live with my family in Switzerland. After I finished school, I did an apprenticeship to become a chemist and I finished it last summer. My agency, ESL, told me about this new Ready for Work programme and I found it to be a good idea because usually I don’t like going to school, but my opinion changed in this school and I really like to come here. Before I came, my hopes were that the programme would prepare and help me find a job. I hadn’t a lot of expectations since the programme was new, however I didn’t expect the vocational trainer to be a real gastronomy expert! Before I arrived I was looking forward to the programme, I thought the school would be bigger – but I love it! I chose the host family option of accommodation because I wanted to learn the British culture and also improve my English. I like my host family a lot. They are very kind and they make it easy for me to feel welcome and comfortable here in Bournemouth. I really feel like part of the family. The Ready for Work programme is very, very good because it gave me the possibility to start on an easier way to the ‘work life’ here. In every country the system of work is different and the programme gave me a safe way into it. Simon, our vocational trainer, could tell us also from his experience and he could prepare us really well because he was in this situation once too. The main highlight from my vocational training was going to The Hedley Hotel where we saw what a real Full English Breakfast looks like. We saw the different types of eggs which is much better than looking at them in pictures. I also enjoyed practicing serving the food, taking orders and cleaning the table in a role play situation. The most useful thing for me was the tips from Simon, he had so much life experience, it was useful. My placement is at the Durley Dean Hotel where I will be a waitress, I expect to do all the usual stuff, like taking orders, serving food and clearing the tables. Once my time is finished, I will be going home to Switzerland to start school. The time here will really help me in the future. As for Bournemouth, I like it. It is a very good place to spend my stay. It’s an exciting and lovely place. You have a lot of variety on free time activities. The variety of shops is very nice. I’m looking forward to the summer

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