Hi I’m Sara, I’m 19 years old and I am from Italy.

I decided to undertake the ‘Ready for Work’ programme because I wanted to do a new experience and explore new opportunities in the UK. I wanted to learn about ‘hospitality’ and do practical skills.

I am living in Alma Road student house accommodation which is great, here you can find your second family. Everybody helps each other and you feel so comfortable. I chose this accommodation because you have your own space and you can improve your speaking with other flatmates.

The Ready for Work programme is great, it is the perfect combination between morning General English lessons with vocabulary, speaking, reading, grammar and writing and afternoon vocational training. The highlights of the training for me are: how to take an order, how to clear a table, how to open a bottle of wine, how to serve a table and the use of ‘body language.’ The most useful topics are the importance of smiling, be friendly, enthusiastic, not rude.

My placement is in a café called ‘Flirt.’ My position is waitress. I am looking forward to working in a café and using the skills I have learnt on this course.

Bournemouth is an amazing place! I have fallen in love with this place. To be honest, before I came here, I didn’t know the city. My first day here was sad. I was alone in my flat but then I met other students who suggested me places to visit, the main attractions, the beaches, the sea. In this way, day by day, I’m feeling more confident with Bournemouth. It is a perfect place to study English. There are lots of things to do. I love the coast and Bournemouth pier. It’s amazing to go to the beach in every season. In winter because you can see 7 miles of coast and be impressed by the beauty of this. And in summer because the beach is full of guys who enjoy their summer in this fantastic and beautiful city

Sara, Italy

19 years old

Previous experience:
Family owned vineyard.

Waitress at Flirt Restaurant and Bar.


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