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Filling in your UCAS application form

EuroStudies is an official UCAS centre that can provide you with expert advice on how to correctly submit an excellent UCAS application. It is very important to fully understand the UCAS application process and choose the correct institutions to apply to.

When filling in the application form, you can only choose five universities while there are over 50,000 courses at almost 400 different institutions available. EuroStudies will help you with all of the following:

  • Introducing the schools and courses to you
  • Helping you decide which five UK universities to apply to
  • Helping you decide which courses to choose at those universities
  • Creating your UCAS application
  • Reviewing your personal statement and editing where necessary
  • Adding a reference to UCAS
  • Sending your application
  • Tracking your application fully once it’s in the UCAS database

2018 UCAS Deadlines

Depending on which courses you choose and the level which you study at, there are a few different deadlines in 2018.

If you’re an EU student, then the application submission deadline for the majority of courses will be January 15th. If you’re a non-EU student, you will be able to submit your application for most courses until June 30th.

You can find a full list of UCAS application deadlines for both EU and non-EU students by following this link.

Starting your online UCAS application

EuroStudies will track your UCAS application when you enter the buzzword Eurostudies2018 when applying.

To link your application to EuroStudies, please follow the steps we have outlined below:

  • Visit the UCAS website and register with a username and password
  • Click on Link your application to your school, college or organisation. When asked How are you applying?, enter the buzzword Eurostudies2018
  • When asked Which centre?, enter “Euro Studies”
  • When asked Is this correct?, click Yes
  • If prompted, verify your e-mail address and make sure you have entered all the details correctly
  • Check your inbox for the UCAS e-mail and enter the verification code provided
  • Once you have been verified, you can begin filling out your application

Request Help

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