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Edward Taylor - Company Director  


Hi, I am Edward Taylor the Company Director of Eurostudies-UniApplyUK. We have been helping international students in the application process to UK Universities for over 16 years.

The most rewarding thing about our work is to see our clients succeed in their studies and achieve their personal and professional goals. Many of them stay in touch over the years and we have seen their careers flourish. It’s amazing to think that we played a part in their lives by either guiding them to choose the right course and University or by helping them to get into the University of their choice.


Our UK Immigration advice service was born from the demand of our existing clients who needed honest advice from someone they could trust and was fully aware of their background. Now it has expanded through word of mouth to the point that we are assisting their friends, family, and even corporate clients since many of our ex-students now occupy prominent positions within these organisations.

We have built our business over 2 fundamental ideas:

The first one is: “let’s make the path easier for others” and I’m not just talking about the university or visa application process, this goes a bit deeper than that… it’s about thinking about others and doing everything we can do in order to help them have a better life.

The second one: is “to transform lives through education”

Finally, I would like to say thank you to the thousands of people that have trusted us with their future and that we can’t wait to keep helping others achieve their goals.

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